Saturday, March 26, 2005

The Stupidest Idea — So Far

I’ve often thought the NRA was over the top and they couldn’t be any nuttier. Well, I was wrong.

I saw this news on the CNN crawl last night, and thanks to a lead from Bryan at Why Now, we read that a spokesman for the NRA suggests that in order to prevent shootings in schools like what happened in Red Lake, Minnesota, the teachers should be given guns.

Sounds like something from The Onion, doesn’t it?

The idea of giving a teacher a loaded weapon in a classroom boggles the mind, and not just from the safety issue of having a lethal weapon in proximity to kids or the question of the liability or training. I have been a teacher. The pressures in class to maintain discipline, keep to the lesson plan, follow through with the scope and sequence of a curriculum, and bear with the intense transference of emotional highs and lows from student to teacher and back again come together to create an amazing combination of forces that makes it dangerous to have a loose piece of chalk lying around, let alone a .38 caliber pistol. Teachers are too close to the edge as it is to leave them the option — or even the glimmer of an idea — that they could pull a gun on a misbehaving student. (In some schools, the teacher would be outgunned if they were carrying a .357 Magnum.)

The speed of light may be constant, but this proves that stupidity has no limits.