Monday, April 4, 2005

Check This Out

A new group has sprung up to oppose Bush and the Republican’s plans to “reform” Social Security. bills itself as “a non-profit advocacy organization established to oppose the White House’s effort to dismantle Social Security, the most successful retirement and anti-poverty program in our nation’s history. will educate Americans on the financial health of Social Security, promote policies to strengthen Social Security and encourage citizens to speak out about this issue to ensure that Congress doesn’t pass legislation that weakens the Social Security Trust Fund.”

It’s got some heavy hitters behind it, including Harold Ickes, former deputy chief of staff for Bill Clinton and founder of the Media Fund; Jim Jordan, the first campaign manager for the Kerry campaign, and Jim Margolis, a political advertising consultant.

Their mission is to “quickly raise $15 million to design, produce and place advertising to affect the legislative fight over Social Security reform.” They’re going to have to move quickly; the Bush-backers already have their “ticking clock” campaign running on cable.