Thursday, April 7, 2005

Freshman Follies

From the Washington Post:

The legal counsel to Sen. Mel Martinez (R-Fla.) admitted yesterday that he was the author of a memo citing the political advantage to Republicans of intervening in the case of Terri Schiavo, the senator said in an interview last night.

Brian H. Darling, 39, a former lobbyist for the Alexander Strategy Group on gun rights and other issues, offered his resignation and it was immediately accepted, Martinez said.

Martinez, the GOP’s Senate point man on the issue, said he earlier had been assured by aides that his office had nothing to do with producing the memo. “I never did an investigation, as such,” he said. “I just took it for granted that we wouldn’t be that stupid. It was never my intention to in any way politicize this issue.”

I love it when people suddenly realize that the difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits.


The mystery of the memo’s origin had roiled the Capitol, with Republicans accusing Democrats of concocting the document as a dirty trick, and Democrats accusing Republicans of trying to duck responsibility for exploiting the dying days of an incapacitated woman.

Conservative Web logs have challenged the authenticity of the memo, in some cases likening it to the discredited documents about Bush’s National Guard service that CBS News reported last fall….

It sounds like the freshman senator was set up like some sort of fraternity prank, doesn’t it? But that’s not the kind of behavior you’d expect from the World’s Greatest Deliberative Body, now does it? Does it…?

AMERICAblog has the right-wing on the record that the memo is a complete phony. Oh, what fun…