Friday, April 29, 2005

Friday Blogaround

Back at work for a full week and I’m ready for more time off. I think I’ll take off tomorrow and Sunday…

Ready to go around the garden with The Liberal Coalition? Here’s what’s happening.

  • archy has further thoughts on the rediscovery of the ivory-billed woodpecker.
  • Bark Bark Woof Woof deconstructs Bush’s press conference.
  • BlogAmY wants to fight back.
  • Bloggg on having The Talk with her son.
  • Chris checks out the New York Public Library on-line.
  • Collective Sigh celebrates a baby step towards sanity.
  • Corrente covers the coverage on religious broadcasters.
  • NTodd has an agenda.
  • Echidne tells tales of creepy people in the Red States.
  • edwardpig joins Echidne on the hypocrisy trail in Wisconsin.
  • First Draft follows up on the tale of the fake Secret Service agent who harrassed attenders at a Social Security rally.
  • The Fulcrum supports the troops.
  • Sponsor the Gamer’s Nook in the Revlon Walk for Women.
  • Happy Furry Puppy has fun with quotes from Star Wars.
  • iddybud will be examining the Religious Reich this weekend.
  • In Search of Telford gets graphic about Bush’s tax hikes.
  • The Invisible Library brings reality to fairy tales.
  • Left is Right follows the Bolton story.
  • Make Me a Commentator has a little list.
  • MercuryX23 reviews the Big 10.
  • Musing’s musings on supporting our troops — unless it conflicts with getting support from los historicos in Miami.
  • Pen-Elayne got naught from yesterday’s attempts to raise the consciousness of people at work regarding kids and secretaries.
  • Meet Alex at Respectful of Otters. Aww…!
  • Rick asks for your vote.
  • Send get-well wishes to Rook’s Girlfriend.
  • rubber hose on the miserable failure.
  • Scrutiny Hooligans on the housing industry.
  • Sooner Thought and thoughts on Gore.
  • Steve Gilliard covers the Princeton Frist filibuster.
  • T. Rex on the “unprecedented” filibuster.
  • Trish Wilson hails Canada’s lead in medical common sense.
  • Wanda urges you to filiblog.
  • WTF Is It Now wonders about Jeff.
  • The Yellow Doggerel Democrat has the Houston Public Library’s new code of conduct, otherwise known as the Tightass Rules.
  • That’s all for now.