Tuesday, April 12, 2005

From the Mailbag

Not to me but to the Miami Herald on Leonard Pitts’ column yesterday, where they have a bit of a cage match going on. First from the right, where a little refreshing honesty about the motives and intentions of the Christian Right comes out.

Re Leonard Pitts Jr.’s April 11 column, America having doubts about Christian right: There is no doubt that Pitts despises the Religious Right. His loathing of us is not primarily because we are Christian or conservative or that we burn books, love censorship and desire a theocracy. It is rather because we tend to vote Republican. And nothing enrages Pitts more than a Republican except a Christian Republican.

Pitts should rather respect a worthier and more numerous foe: well-educated conservative Christians who read books rather than burn them, abhor censorship and scoff at theocracy. We also will vote Republican.


And then there’s another country heard from:

If Christian fundamentalists ever manage to gain the power they crave, America will become its own version of the Middle East. Religious leaders claiming to have the one true lock on the “answer” will discriminate and systematically rid themselves of those with “inferior” beliefs. All of America should be very afraid.


I have no doubt that there are “well-educated conservative Christians who read books rather than burn them.” But they won’t be the ones running the show if the fundamentalists ever take charge.