Monday, April 11, 2005

The Real Terrorists Do Two Shows a Night


LAS VEGAS — A former NFL player accused of shooting at Siegfried and Roy’s compound reportedly wanted to warn the world the illusionists posed a threat.

That’s the findings of a psychiatric report on former Oakland Raiders kicker Cole Ford after he was charged with firing shotgun blasts in September at the entertainers’ Las Vegas home.

Ford has been ruled incompetent to stand trial. He’s being treated at a mental health facility.

According to the Las Vegas Journal-Review, a psychiatrist wrote that Ford believed the world’s problems were linked to Siegfried and Roy’s treatment, dominance and unhealthy intimacy with animals.

No one was hurt in the shooting — and Ford maintains he never intended to harm anyone.

And all this time we’ve been thinking it was Osama bin Laden. (Oh, and if you think I’m going to go near that line about “dominance and unhealthy intimacy with animals,” well… that would be just beastly.)