Friday, April 15, 2005

Travel Plans

I took the rest of the day off to get ready for the trip. I leave in the morning first for Albuquerque to visit friends in the town where I used to hang my hat, restore my chile tolerance, speak some real Spanglish, and do a little Bobby Cramer research in the hills overlooking Santa Fe. From Albuquerque it’s on to Independence, Kansas, for the William Inge Festival.

So I’m doing some last-minute laundry, writing detailed notes for the house-sitter (drive the Pontiac all you want, but touch the Mustang and die), and locating little things like the network cable for the laptop and my passport. The Weather Channel is forecasting great weather for the next ten days in all the locations, but I’m taking a jacket anyway. I dubbed off a CD of the Beach Boys songs for the rental car I’m picking up in Tulsa; Hertz promised me a 2005 Mustang. Hot damn!

And a note to Lab Kat or any other Metroplex bloggers: I’ll be wandering through DFW tomorrow morning on my way from one gate to another, so for two hours and ten minutes the population of liberal bloggers in Texas will have an increase of one. I’ll be wearing a Bark Bark Woof Woof shirt in proud proclamation of liberal defiance. Yip-yah!