Thursday, May 26, 2005

A Little Late

From NBC6:

A Senate committee is considering legislation that would offer a formal apology to American Indians from the government.

Sen. John McCain, who chairs the Senate’s Committee on Indian Affairs, said he will try and help the resolution reach the full Senate.

The resolution — introduced by Kansas Republican Sam Brownback — recounts the long history of government mistreatment of American Indians, including forced relocation, the outlawing of traditional religions and destruction of sacred sites. The president of the National Congress of American Indians said the apology has been “a long time coming.”

Congress rarely apologizes for official government conduct. Exceptions include a 1993 apology to native Hawaiians for the unlawful overthrow of the Hawaiian Kingdom, and a 1988 apology to Japanese Americans placed in detention camps during World War II.

They can prove their remorse by restoring the funds that they’ve cut from the Indian health services and back off on their heavy-handed treatment of the gaming compacts. Or they can just come out to the Casino Hollywood at the San Felipe pueblo in New Mexico and play the slots.

By the way, while the Senate’s in an apologizing mood, how about one for the Clinton impeachment and Clarence Thomas?