Friday, May 27, 2005

Crocodile Rock

Every time I hear someone like Bob Novak, Kate O’Bierne, or Mary Matalin say that the Democrats and the liberals are so mean and vicious to the Republicans and the conservatives, I really want to laugh out loud at the utter irony of it all. They, after all, are the ones — Newt Gingrich in particular — who told his House colleagues in 1998 to never mention the name of Bill Clinton without attaching the word “criminal behavior” to him. What’s even funnier is that they keep compounding their Irony Festival with more viciousness — all in the name of things like life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The latest example comes via The Green Knight who found this sick and twisted example penned by Mark Friedman of the American Family Association who labels Sen. Arlen Specter as “self-aggrandizing” for having the nerve to point out that stem-cell research might cure him of Hodgkin’s disease. Let the moderate Republican suffer and die from cancer so that no embryo is lost. He ends the column with “To life!”

It’s obvious why he picks on Sen. Specter. He may be a Republican, but he doesn’t drink their Kool-Aid. The AFA and the rest of the Religious Reich ran a right-winger against him in the senatorial primary last year. The fact that he has cancer doesn’t mitigate their scorn; hell, they probably think he’s an easier target because he’s too sick to fight back. These people are ruthless bullies. Notice that they don’t pick on Nancy Reagan, whose support of stem-cell research is just as strong as Sen. Specter’s. The Empress Dowager is off limits, but anyone else…

So the next time you hear Bob or Kate or Mary weeping crocodile tears over the cruelties of the Democrats, know that just like any other pre-historic carnivore with a brain the size of a walnut, they eat their own kind.