Friday, May 27, 2005

No Comment

If it’s not one thing…. Now that Blogger seems to have their sand in one pile, HaloScan is getting fritzy. It seems to happen every day around noon Eastern; comments are entered but they don’t show up on the counter — in my case under the “Speak!” link. Doing the “force comment update” from the Settings page has no effect.

I’ve been in touch with the volunteers at HaloScan through their support forum in the past week or so and they say that they are aware of it; it seems that their servers are overloaded. They’ll be putting some new ones on-line “next week” (their words), and until then it’s going to be like it is now. The counters eventually catch up when the traffic slows down. Heh — reminds me of driving home on Coral Way.

Anyway, don’t let the no-show stop you from dropping in a comment or two.