Monday, May 9, 2005

Star Wars or Star Trek?

The Toledo Blade hosted a forum on two icons of the contemporary science-fiction genre.

Star Wars fans, get out your light sabers. Star Trek groupies, grab your phasers.

It’s time to rumble.

While all eyes in the coming weeks will be on Episode III: Return of the Sith, the final installment in the series of Star Wars films, some already are looking ahead. What they see is an end of an era for two of the biggest names in science fiction history.

This month will mark the passing of not only the final Star Wars movie, but also the latest Star Trek TV series, Enterprise. It’s finale is slated for Friday, with no plans for another series to replace it.

The first Star Wars movie debuted in 1977; Star Trek preceded it as a television series in 1966. Since then, we’ve all learned about all kinds of things – The Force, Vulcans, Ewoks, warp drives.

But one question has yet to be answered: Which is better, Star Trek or Star Wars?

The Blade assembled a panel of local experts to settle the argument once and for all, by discussing numerous aspects of the two franchises, including their movies, TV programs, books, and fans. Participants came from all corners of the galaxy, er, region to talk for about an hour.

The highlight of the discussion seems to be the debate over who was the biggest stud: Han Solo or Captain Kirk.

This kind of discussion is worrisome; isn’t this how they started all those troubles in the Middle East?