Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The Evergreen Election State

The Republicans, who were so quick to tell Al Gore and the Democrats to get over the 2000 presidential election — you lost, the votes were (ahem) counted, let’s move on — need to heed their own advice in Washington state.

With former Gov. Gary Locke chiming in forcefully for the first time, Democrats yesterday called on Republican Dino Rossi to drop the legal challenge to his defeat in the 2004 governor’s election — a “frivolous” lawsuit that the Democrats say Rossi will lose even under his proposal for recalculating the result.

“I simply could not continue to sit back and watch Dino Rossi fight for himself at the expense of the citizens of this great state,” said Locke, a two-term Democratic governor who did not run for re-election last year.

“He has made up one theory after another, trying to get himself into the governor’s mansion,” Locke said.

Rossi lost to Democrat Christine Gregoire by 129 votes after a hand recount of more than 2.8 million ballots.

He had led in the initial tabulation and in a machine recount.

The trial of Rossi’s challenge starts May 23 in Chelan County Superior Court.

“We’re about as likely to drop this case as Christine Gregoire and Gary Locke are not to raise taxes,” state GOP Chairman Chris Vance said.

Add this to the long list of examples of IOKIYAR and right-wing studies in unintentional irony.