Wednesday, May 11, 2005

The True Reality

There’s been some raised eyebrows in the blogosphere about Alan Colmes’s interview with anti-abortion activist Neal Horsley’s adolescence and his affection for certain barnyard creatures.

“AC: ‘You had sex with animals?’

“NH: ‘Absolutely. I was a fool. When you grow up on a farm in Georgia, your first girlfriend is a mule.’

“AC: ‘I’m not so sure that that is so.’

“NH: ‘You didn’t grow up on a farm in Georgia, did you?’

“AC: ‘Are you suggesting that everybody who grows up on a farm in Georgia has a mule as a girlfriend?’

“NH: ‘It has historically been the case. You people are so far removed from the reality… Welcome to domestic life on the farm….’

I don’t think his idea of the Reality-Based Community is what we have in mind…