Saturday, May 28, 2005

There’s Somethin’ Happenin’ Here…

Shakespeare’s Sister is getting the grassroots growing.

In response to the move by After Downing Street who is looking for additional groups to support their formal inquiry into the possibility that Bush committed impeachable offenses in making the case for the Iraq War, and as a follow-up discussion that took place in response to this post at Shakespeare’s Sister, we’re forming the Big Brass Alliance of bloggers in association with Big Brass Blog.

There is a post here listing the bloggers who have noted their interest in participation.

I signed up and if you’re interested, either as a blogger or just as a citizen, go for it. I know to some it may sound implausible or even a tad vengeful to try to impeach Bush, but when you consider the consequences of the war, the circumstances under which he took the nation to war, the amount of money and honor we have lost, not to mention the thousands of lives lost or destroyed by it, we cannot just accept the fact that there is nothing to be done to find out the truth. If it sounds like payback from the left for the impeachment of President Clinton, then let us make the most of it. Posterity will judge who had the larger claim; I don’t think a blowjob measures up to armed conflict.