Sunday, June 5, 2005

Cer ar gerdded

Via Shakespeare’s Sister who got it from Suburban Guerilla:

[Welsh singing star Charlotte Church], 19, said gaffe-prone Bush had no idea where Wales was when she met him after performing for outgoing President Bill Clinton in Washington in 2000.

“Clinton was lovely, in tune with everyone else, but George Bush just hasn’t got a clue what he’s doing,” she said, according to the Daily Record.

“He asked me what state Wales was in. I said: ‘It’s its own country next to England, actually Mr Bush.’

Here’s a nice big map of the country, and here’s the flag:

The Welsh have a long and proud history, and there are many people of Welsh ancestry in this country, including, (ahem) me. I don’t speak Welsh, but if I did and if I was in the same situation, I’d look Mr. Bush right in the eye and say “Cer ar gerdded.” (“Go away.”)