Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Downing Street Memo Updates

Here’s the latest on the background to the real story about going to war in Iraq.

  • Raw Story has a timeline complete with links to the history of the run-up to the war, plus a collection of background documents, including memos, Condi Rice’s commitment to regime change, and lots of other goodies.
  • The Big Brass Alliance is growing: there are over 450 blogs now keeping tabs on this story.
  • After Downing Street is prepping for a big Washington rally on June 16. If you’re in the neighborhood, go.

    This story is growing, and along the way it’s gaining attention from people who have heretofore not really given it much space…like some of the big blogs. But as things go along, they’re beginning to notice, and in one case, demonstrate a touch of class, too. Good going, Ezra.