Friday, June 17, 2005

From the Mailbag

Like Jeff at Speedkill, I get a kick out of reading some of the letters to the editor of the local paper. Here’s a good one from today’s Miami Herald that wraps up the concept of IOKIYAR (It’s Okay If You’re A Republican):

I trust Republicans

I trust the Patriot Act to do its job: Root out terrorists and their plots to destroy this great nation. However, that is only because I trust the Republicans and President Bush.

In the hands of Howard Dean or Nancy Pelosi or, God forbid, Hillary Clinton, I fear that the law would be turned against the populace, and the Department of Homeland Security would become the new gestapo [sic].

The Patriot Act must be subject to the same checks and balances that run the country. This is why I fear the loss of the filibuster. Without these safeguards in place, the day that the Republicans lose control to the Democrats is the day that the country dies.

JIM KONONOFF, Coral Gables

Hey, Jim, I’ve got news for you: You’re five years behind the times. Not only that, if it’s okay with you that 1,700 American soldiers can be killed in the name of a fraud but a blowjob is an impeachable offense, you deserve whatever fresh hell the Republicans can poison you with.