Monday, June 27, 2005

Go Canada

Why is it that our neighbors to the north are by and large the sensible ones when it comes to things like gun control and same sex marriage? Maybe it’s the fact that they’re just nice people. From CBC News:

The Liberal government’s divisive bill legalizing same-sex marriage could come to a vote this week, Justice Minister Irwin Cotler says.

“We’re now at the last stage of this democratic exercise,” Cotler told CBC Newsworld on Sunday, and “it may well resolve itself this week.”

But the government is willing to have Parliament sit longer to consider the bill, he said.

All but four members of the Conservative caucus have opposed the bill. Between 30 and 35 Liberals say they’re also against it, but the bill easily passed its first two votes.

The government will consider amendments proposed by Conservatives as long as they are consistent with the thrusts of “equality and religious protection,” Cotler said.

Any MP who wants to has spoken on the bill, but some may want to talk a second or third time, he said. The first two votes on the bill were similar, so there’s not much chance that MPs will change their minds now.

Some religious groups are concerned they could be penalized if they refuse to perform same-sex marriages, but Cotler said amendments have addressed that issue.

It’s not going to pass by an overwhelming margin, and if you listen to CBC Radio, you’ll hear the same kind of apoplectic and apocalyptic predictions of fire and brimstone from their collection of right-wing loons (not to be confused with the loonies, which are the one-dollar coins), but most Canadians are pretty mellow about issues that come under the category of live-and-let-live. Hey, any place that doesn’t get upset about people putting gravy on French fries is okay with me.