Tuesday, June 7, 2005

Mellow Out, Dude

From Salon/AP:

Oregon stopped issuing medical marijuana cards after Monday’s Supreme Court ruling, but people could apparently still get pot with a doctor’s prescription there and in nine other states, and nobody in law enforcement appeared eager to make headlines arresting ailing patients.

“People shouldn’t panic. There aren’t going to be many changes,” California Attorney General Bill Lockyer said. “Nothing is different today than it was two days ago, in terms of real-world impact.”


It was “business as usual” at the San Francisco health department, spokeswoman Eileen Shields said. The county issues medical marijuana identification cards, valid for two years, to residents with a doctor’s prescription.

The city has at least 43 medical cannabis dispensaries, far more than any other city in California, and makes no effort to collect data that federal authorities could use against them. “No one wants to create a nice, neat database” of pot users, she said.

They are, however, keeping a close eye on those buying Pop-Tarts, cookie dough, and Twinkies.