Thursday, June 2, 2005

Oh, That’s Why We Lost Vietnam…

After I likened Pat Buchanan to one of Tony Soprano’s goombahs for calling Mark Felt a traitor (and got a tongue-lashing from an Italian friend who said that no respectable mafioso would allow someone like Buchanan to hang out at the Bada Bing), now Rush Limbaugh gets into the act and basically lays the blame for losing Vietnam and the Cambodian genocide at the feet of Mr. Felt.

“Had they not brought down Nixon, we wouldn’t have lost Vietnam,” Limbaugh affirmed during his Wednesday broadcast. “Had [they] not brought down Nixon, the Khmer Rouge would not have come to power and murdered two million people in a full-fledged genocide.” []

I was going to go into some long rant challenging Limbaugh on the fact of the timing of the American withdrawal from Vietnam and the collapse of the South Vietnamese government seven months after Nixon resigned, but then I remembered the words of Billy Joel: “You should never argue with a crazy man.” Let the craziness speak for itself.