Wednesday, June 22, 2005


Let’s see, what’s really important in the country’s business today:

  • A multibillion dollar deficit growing bigger every day.
  • Over 45 million people without health care.
  • Crumbling schools and underpaid teachers.
  • A war that was started under fraudulent circumstances and so far has taken over 1,700 lives of American soldiers — assuming that count is accurate — and countless civilian lives and property losses incalculable not to mention the wholesale destruction of our national reputation.
  • Corporations buying their way into the halls of Congress so they can write the laws that regulate them.
  • Oil reaching $60 a barrel.
  • More children per capita in poverty than any other time in our history, including the Great Depression.
  • A Homeland Security department that is has left our borders less secure than before 9/11.
  • Laws that have chipped away at the Bill of Rights in the name of that “homeland security.”
  • Yet what was the most important thing the United States House of Representatives voted on today? An amendment to the United States Constitution to prohibit the burning of the flag because our fine elected officials wouldn’t be doing the nation’s business unless they could demonstrate that we are a country that puts symbolism and idolatry above everything else.

    What’s worse are those who voted for this amendment out of fear of losing their next election. Now that’s a really backassward priority.