Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Ed Schultz Kicks Rush’s Ass

Progressive talk radio is gaining strength here in Miami.

Advance trend numbers for spring radio ratings in the Miami market, leaked to RAW STORY, reveal that liberal talk posted hefty gains against the once-indomitable Rush Limbaugh.

In particular, The Ed Schultz show actually passed Limbaugh among the 25-54 age range in the nation’s twelfth largest radio market. Schultz scored a 3.4 rating to Limbaugh’s 3.2, climbing 1.1 ratings points from the winter figures.

“In his own backyard, how can Limbaugh lose to a liberal talker? What am I doing with a 3.4 and he’s sitting with a 3.2?” Schultz asked RAW STORY in a telephone interview this morning. “We come a long way from being the poor little guy from North Dakota.”

Ed has replaced All Things Considered as my drive-time radio of choice most afternoons (unless, of course, I have the top down. Then it’s Majic 102.7). Like all radio talkers, he tends to get apoplectic, but I notice that when he gets a caller, he lets them say their piece, he doesn’t cut them off, and apparently he doesn’t pre-screen them because I’ve heard him get some pretty vocal conservatives on the air; not something you get too much of on Rush — or so I’ve heard.

Lest you think that it’s no surprise that a progressive talker would make gains in Miami, what with all the “multiculturalism” down here, it is no San Francisco. Until Ed Schultz showed up on WINZ, Rush and his like-minded natterers were all the rage, and even on Spanish-language stations, right-wing talk was the format of choice. Now with the full schedule of Air America including Al Franken, Randi Rhodes, and Rachel Maddow, there’s an alternative, and people are tuning in. Whether it will last is another question, but it’s nice to see the pendulum swing in the other direction.

Now if they could just get a classical music station back on the air here…