Sunday, July 24, 2005

Face to Face

Kenneth Quinnell, keeper of T. Rex’s Guide to Life and the prime mover behind The Practical Press, came to Miami for a visit. I took him for a ride in the legendary Mustang (top down of course) and we went for a great Mexican dinner. We talked about everything: politics, writing, movies, friends, his kids, the future of liberalism, the history of Republican hypocrisy; anything that crossed our minds. It was great to put a face and a voice behind the powerful and insightful writing he does on his site, and it was really good to talk to a fellow writer who, like me, loves to explore the inner workings of characters. (If you haven’t read his serialized novel, Teenager, or, for that matter, any of his other works at The Practical Press, go do it now.)

Thanks for coming down, Kenneth — we’ll do it again. As a matter of fact, we talked about getting together again, this time including other Florida bloggers. I’m really up for it — how about you out there in the Sunshine State?