Tuesday, August 23, 2005

A Soldier Speaks

Quoted in full from Charles2 at The Fulcrum.

You Don’t Speak For Me!

The thing I find most galling – in a long, long list – about the chicken-hawks and their supporters in this mis-administration is their predilection to put words in my mouth (and the mouths of other veterans and service members). Those who were just too busy to serve in the armed forces of our country or who served under mysterious circumstances (yeah, I’m talking to you, W), have no moral stand whatsoever to say what actions might “dishonor” service members or veterans. They have no right to declare that one action or another would make our sacrifices be “in vain.”

As an ex-soldier and a veteran, I can tell you that nothing dishonors a soldier more than to waste his time or to risk his life or the lives of his buddies for no good reason. Nothing could be more in vain than to give up life or limb in the prosecution of a war sold to the American people as a lie.

Listen up, all of you who support this continuing disaster in Iraq, unless you’ve served, unless you’re a veteran, you have no idea what you are talking about. You have no right to make claims on our honor. Keep your goddamn words out of our mouths; we can speak for ourselves.

You do not speak for me.