Saturday, August 27, 2005

Almost There

This post is coming from the home of my friend Bob and The Old Professor. I am here in air-conditioned comfort and with a source of electrical power. I finally left the house as the good men of Asplundh, contractors for Florida Power and Light, were reconnecting the main lines in the alley behind the house. They assured me that I would have power tonight, and I couldn’t resist the offer of a home-cooked meal.

As I drove the ten miles from my house to here, I saw a lot of trees down, branches everywhere, and a lot of stoplights still out. Forty-eight hours after the worst of Katrina, there is still a lot to clean up, and I will have to hire someone to come and take out the tipped-over tree in my yard.

I got off easy. Losing power for 48 hours is nothing compared to people who lost roofs or were flooded out. Compared to Hurricane Andrew, where people were without power for six weeks and crews like the guys at Asplundh worked for over a year, what I went through is nothing. Tomorrow I will go shopping to replace the frozen food that I lost, I’ll do my laundry, I’ll tidy up the yard, and I’ll send thoughts and good wishes and anything I can spare to help the less fortunate, and I’ll be worrying about those who still have yet to deal with the restrengthened Hurricane Katrina.

Tomorrow I hope to be back to my usual blogger self, and Monday I’ll be back at the office.

So, what’s been going on out there? Did I miss anything?