Monday, August 29, 2005

Back to Work

Miami-Dade County Public Schools are still closed due to power outages, but administrative staff has been asked to report to work, so I’m back at the office.

South Florida is slowly coming back to life. My route in, Coral Way, which had been blocked by fallen trees on Friday, was cleared, and most of the stop lights were functioning. The gas stations were open and the prices were same as last week.

Driving back from some friends last night with the top down, the sound of chainsaws and generators were everywhere, like cicadas in the Midwest in the summertime. The smell of cut wood — which reminds me of peat mulch — is also omnipresent. The streets are lined with stacks of fallen trees and branches waiting for pick-up; the city of Coral Gables sent out a phone message informing residents on trash pick-up and estimates on power restoration. I also got a very helpful call from FPL; they said I’d have power “within 48 hours.” That was 18 hours after I got it back. Glad to see they’re on top of it.

We’ve got The Weather Channel on here at the office, and Katrina has just made landfall to the east of New Orleans. It looks like it won’t hit directly on New Orleans, but that doesn’t mean anything, as we learned much to our peril last week when it took a sharp turn south and headed for south Miami-Dade. Even if the eye doesn’t pass over the city, they’ll still get slammed hard by the storm surge.

Compared to them, we got off easy here.