Friday, August 26, 2005

Blogging in the Dark

Just seconds after I wrote the last post last night the power went out; that loud explosion must have been a transformer or something, and my block is dark. Across the street they have power. I went to sleep right after that — what else is there to do? — and woke up on my usual nutsy schedule of 4:30 a.m. The radio, my 1977 Panasonic AM/FM with the built-in 8-track player, is tuned to an AM station that is feeding the sound from WFOR Channel 4 CBS, so I’m hearing that it is now Tropical Storm Katrina again and heading for the Gulf of Mexico. Apparently the storm took a sudden turn to the south and so here in parts of Miami — Kendall, Homestead, and parts of Coral Gables — got the worst rain and wind out of it. The radio is saying that over a million homes are without power. There are downed power lines and tree limbs, debris in the road, but apparently nothing along the lines of catastropic, although there are four people dead, either from being hit by falling trees or electrocution. A quick flashlight survey reveals no damage to my house or the car. The good news is that the palm fronds I’ve been meaning to pull off the tree in front are now neatly piled on the curb via Nature’s hand.

Right now it is calm… and dark. Since I’m running this on battery power, this will be it for blogging until we get power back. So you’ll have to just cope without the Friday Blogaround and my usual witty badinage until it comes back.

See you later.