Thursday, August 25, 2005

Defending Your Rights By Denying Them

The American Legion is out to save America’s freedoms by stomping the shit out of them.

The American Legion, which has 2.7 million members, has declared war on antiwar protestors, and the media could be next. Speaking at its national convention in Honolulu, the group’s national commander called for an end to all “public protests” and “media events” against the war, even though they are protected by the Bill of Rights.

“The American Legion will stand against anyone and any group that would demoralize our troops, or worse, endanger their lives by encouraging terrorists to continue their cowardly attacks against freedom-loving peoples,” Thomas Cadmus, national commander, told delegates at the group’s national convention in Honolulu.

The delegates voted to use whatever means necessary to “ensure the united backing of the American people to support our troops and the global war on terrorism.”In his speech, Cadmus declared: “It would be tragic if the freedoms our veterans fought so valiantly to protect would be used against their successors today as they battle terrorists bent on our destruction.”

He explained, “No one respects the right to protest more than one who has fought for it, but we hope that Americans will present their views in correspondence to their elected officials rather than by public media events guaranteed to be picked up and used as tools of encouragement by our enemies.”

“Whatever means necessary?” What the hell is that supposed to mean? Greet demonstrations with water hoses? M-16’s? And doing it all dressed in nice clean pressed brown shirts? With this kind of Nuremberg-rally mindset, the American Legion believes that Cindy Sheehan is a bigger threat to our country than Osama bin Laden. What kind of “freedom on the march” is that?

This certainly has been the week for the righties to show off their nuts.