Thursday, August 4, 2005

Denny Boy

Is House Speaker J. Dennis Hastert on the take from the Turks? That’s one of the more interesting points in this article in the September 2005 Vanity Fair by David Rose (WARNING: PDF, and not the highest quality). Sibel Edmonds was fired from the FBI for apparently blowing the whistle on a colleague who was involved with illicit activities with Turkish nationals that include accusations of bribery of some very powerful people.

Hat tip to Rachel Maddow.

Update: Josh Marshall at TPM is of the mind that this story has more mystery around it than substance. Having read and re-read the whole article, I agree that there’s not a lot of direct evidence to the accusations. (But then, we’ve hired special prosecutors on flimsier stuff.) If it turns out to be nothing, then I’ll follow up and say so. For now, I blog — you decide.