Friday, August 5, 2005

Enough’s Enough

As Tim Grieve points out in the War Room at, we’ve got an awful lot of places and things named after Ronald Reagan; everything from high schools to highways. Here in Florida, the turnpike is the Ronald Reagan Turnpike and we just got a new school here in Miami-Dade County named after him. There’s even a group going around trying to get have something in every county named for him. Now Rep. Henry Bonilla of Texas wants to rename 16th Avenue Street in Washington D.C. — the street that intersects with Pennsylvania Avenue at the White House — Ronald Reagan Boulevard. He says, “He deserves an honor in the nation’s capital.”

Uh…In Washington D.C. they have an airport and a huge government office building (ironic since Reagan campaigned on smaller government) already named for him. The Navy has an aircraft carrier. That’s not enough?

Look, I’m all in favor of honoring a president’s memory and legacy, but let’s get real. After a certain point it goes from honor to idolatry, and we’re verging on Kim Il Sung territory here. But some people won’t stop, I guess, until we become Reaganistan