Friday, August 19, 2005

Family First

Cindy Sheehan went back to Los Angeles to take care of her mother, who has apparently suffered a stroke. There are some sick people out there who are rejoicing not only at Ms. Sheehan leaving Crawford but the fact that her mother has fallen ill.

While I don’t think anybody with a heart on the right wishes Ms. Sheehan or her family ill, I’m pretty sure that someone will exploit her sudden departure as a loss of will or caving into the pressure that they will take credit for. Like I said, it’s human nature to exploit someone else’s situation for your own agenda.

What Ms. Sheehan’s entire experience — going to Crawford, then leaving to take care of her mother — is that her family comes first. There is nothing more important to her than her son, and now her mother. But wait; aren’t lefties supposed to be the ones who sneer at family values? Hmm. Go figure.