Friday, August 12, 2005

Friday Blogaround

This is the international edition of the Friday Blogaround because it comes to you from exotic Stratford, Ontario, home of the world-famous Stratford Theatre Festival and the Ontario Pork Congress.

Welcome tinylittledots to the blogroll.

Here’s what’s making news in The Liberal Coalition this week.

  • archy has some news tidbits that are scary.
  • Bark Bark Woof Woof gooses Mark Halperin.
  • blogAmY takes on a duck.
  • bloggg has the lowdown on the free on-line conference.
  • Chris has a message for the president.
  • Collective Sigh on trusting some sources.
  • Corrente wants to when is a terrorist a terrorist.
  • Dodecahedron ponders the nature of God.
  • Dohiyi Mir offers a trip to space…but it will take more than just some extra frequent-flier miles.
  • Pseudo-Adrienne at Echidne takes apart the NARAL ad and the critiques thereof.
  • firedoglake reports that the anti-Sheehan rally has fizzled.
  • First Draft updates the Plame story.
  • The Fulcrum does his own blogaround.
  • The Gamer’s Nook gets ready to move to a new site, but leaves his cars behind.
  • Happy Furry Puppy on plans for 9/11+4. Bring your own popcorn.
  • iddybud sums up the week’s news.
  • Left Is Right sums up some other things.
  • Liberty Street wonders who’s left in Bahgdad to run the place.
  • Make Me a Commentator appeals to Ann Coulter’s better nature.
  • Musing’s musings comes up with a Dante-esque vision of Hell.
  • Pen-Elayne pays tribute to the dead and the living.
  • Rick reviews The Aristocrats.
  • Rook’s Rant shares a laugh.
  • rubber hose has the absolute latest on when we’re leaving Iraq.
  • Science and Politics on obsessions.
  • Scrutiny Hooligans says you can get a pizza and watch a propaganda film at the same time.
  • SoonerThought: Fox takes on the Stones.
  • Speedkill takes on Mona Charen and Grand Theft Auto.
  • Steve Gilliard on the legacy of Peter Jennings.
  • T. Rex on the cost of doing the health business.
  • The Invisible Library on what tops the reading list at Gitmo.
  • The Countess says that bloggers are rich. We are?
  • Wanda says resistance is not futile.
  • WTF Is It Now?? has the link to Bob Novak’s true self.
  • The Yellow Doggerel Democrat rolls out the poetry for the prez.
  • That’s it for now, and I’m on vacation anyway. Have a good weekend.