Monday, August 1, 2005

Getting the Story Straight

Time magazine is reporting that Karl Rove may have learned who Valerie Plame Wilson was from within the administration.

The problem with that is that apparently Mr. Rove and his lawyers have been telling Patrick Fitzgerald and the grand jury that he heard about it from journalists who were investigating the story and that he just passed on rumors. He’s not sure who he heard it from, either…could have been Judith Miller, could have been Bob Novak, could have been Teddy the Wonder Lizard.

The problem with bullshitting a prosecutor is that if you get caught, they charge you with perjury. A grand jury isn’t the White House press corps. So Karl’s biggest worry may not be that he committed a felony by revealing a covert agent to a newspaper reporter to exact revenge for someone writing a story that called into question our motives and evidence for attacking another country…it’s that he couldn’t remember the lie he made up to cover for the big lie in the first place.