Friday, August 26, 2005

Hurricane Katrina – Aftermath

In the daylight, it’s worse. I lost a tree in the back yard; it tipped over and is hanging on the powerlines. It was not, apparently though, the cause of the outage — the tree was still vertical when the lights went out last night.

The radio has been saying that Florida Power and Light has 1.4 million customers without power, but I phoned in my outage anyway just to make sure. My landlord says that FPL will clear the tree away in order to restore the power. That’s good; I left my chainsaw in my other pants. There are limbs down everywhere you look, and streets in Coral Gables are basically impassible with ficus trees lying like dead giants across the roadways. Bob, who lives ten miles south of me, has power but no cable or internet service; ironically, his second phone line works, but he can’t connect his computer to it. Cellphone service is spotty but the landline service is obviously working — I have two phone lines and I’m not shouting this out the window.

South of here is another story. Katrina took a sudden veer south once it made landfall and headed for southeast Miami-Dade County, the most flood-prone part, and there are places with two feet of standing water. These are also the same places that were devastated by Hurricane Andrew thirteen years ago.

So, I’m settled in with a good book, some canned food, a flashlight, and waning battery power on the computer. Thanks for all the nice notes on the previous entry, and I’ll check back tomorrow. There’s no word on when I’ll get power back, but I’m not in any frantic need for it. As long as the water keeps running and I have something to read, I’ll be all right, and the first priority is the people who really need it.

Oh, the Mustang came through without a scratch.