Thursday, August 25, 2005

Katrina – Part 2

Here is the 5 a.m. storm track.

We are now under a Hurricane Warning, which means we can expect hurricane conditions — high winds and rain — within the next 24 hours. The warning covers the coastline from Vero Beach to the north to Florida City, at the entrance to the Keys, to the south. And Coral Gables is right in the middle of that zone. Notice the track is heading north of Miami, but also notice that when it gets on land the tracking dot changes to yellow, which means a Category 1 hurricane.

Fortunately my house is not in a low-lying area and both the Pontiac and Mustang have full tanks of gas. My lawn furniture is heavy (teakwood) and in a protected area, and the trash cans are in the garage. Right now the weather is calm.