Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Life Lessons

I spent the last week with my parents, who through the grace of good genetics and fortune, are still healthy and wise in their eighth decade. They have endowed their children with some good lessons, and through them I learned how to see life in the perspective of not just my own life but that of others and history. It’s a valuable insight, and one that I think too few people — regardless of their age — appreciate.

They also taught me that it’s never to late to learn, to grow, and to enrich your life. My mom started college in the late 1940’s, dropped out to get married, and finished her degree in 2001. She and my dad are constantly reading and listening to new voices, and they’re involved in many things such as political campaigns, land conservation, and the arts. They’re constantly pointing out new things to me, and I keep finding myself having to catch up to them. It proves the adage that wisdom is knowledge tempered by life, and I have been very lucky to have good teachers.

I just wanted to pass that along.