Monday, August 22, 2005


HBO’s Six Feet Under died last night. Here’s the obituary from The New York Times. (WARNING: if you haven’t seen it, there be spoilers here and there.)

I have seen every episode of the show — except the first. There were times when I loved it, times when I dreaded it, and especially in the last year with Nate’s self-indulgent wailing and David’s fragile mentality that I just wanted them all to just die already or get over it. But I never got tired of it; I grew to care about these people as much as any characters in drama (except Brenda — when she left at the end of one season I said “Hooray! Dump the bitch!”)

But the ending was probably the best series finale I’ve seen in a long while. There was very little of the neat tying up of the storylines; most of them were concluded with a feeling of “well, it’s not exactly what I wanted, but it will do,” and life — and death — will go on. And the final montage, whether it was imagined or real, seemed to be a fitting end for everyone. I also felt comforted that Claire outlived them all. It proves that an artist’s life may be full of suffering, but we have long life spans.

So long, and thanks for all the Fishers.