Thursday, August 4, 2005

Who Raised These Kids? — Part II

Last week it was President Bush flipping off the press. Now Bob Novak comes up with more barnyard talk on CNN (clip via Media Matters). Crooks and Liars has it too.

Apparently all this talk about the CIA leak case is getting to the self-proclaimed Prince of Darkness.

Hey, I have no problem with using the full range of language; anyone who knows me knows I don’t hold back. As Lawrence and Lee note in Inherit the Wind, “I figure that language is a poor enough means of communication as it is. Besides, there are damned few words that everybody understands.” But I also don’t go around tut-tutting others about their loose morals, or publish tomes like The Book of Virtues and use the royalties to pay off my gambling debts. But then, hypocrisy and irony are alien concepts to these people.

Update: Mr. Novak has been asked to “take some time off” from CNN. Maybe he should explore becoming the spokesman for John Bolton.