Friday, September 9, 2005

Blogging Forecast

Blogging will be light and variable for a while, especially this weekend. In the process of cleaning up debris from our brush with Hurricane Katrina, a crew from the city of Coral Gables accidentally damaged the telephone cable to my house. I lost the main number on Wednesday night and the computer line on Thursday, so other than my cell phone, I am without telephone service. Good thing I have a laptop or I wouldn’t be able to blog from a remote undisclosed location.

Due to the high volume of service calls from hurricane-related damage both here in Florida and the Gulf Coast, Bell South has promised that I will get my phones back no later than September 20. Ironically I had uninterrupted service throughout the actual hurricane; it’s only afterwards during the clean-up that I lost it.

On the up side, this will give me a chance to catch up on my writing without being distracted by the temptation to go on-line, but then I can’t get e-mail and I really need my fix of spam for Ci@lis and FW:HERBV!@GRA.

Bell South rocks. Both lines are back in business and so am I. (Gee, LabKat…you were right.)