Thursday, September 29, 2005

Excuses, Excuses

Oh, how noble. David Brooks portrays Tom DeLay as a martyr.

The DeLay Era would be marked by one word: partisanship. Far from being a conservative ideologue, DeLay was a traditional Tammany Hall politician who would do whatever it took to put more Republican fannies in House seats. DeLay was never the ruthless tyrant news media reports made him out to be. He’s actually a modest, decent and considerate man. But he is willing to sacrifice all else for the team.


Yesterday the DeLay Era ended. DeLay fell victim to his willingness to push right up against the campaign finance laws for the good of the team. Remember, DeLay didn’t do anything for personal enrichment. If he committed a crime, he did it for the sake of the team.

Gee, Tom, it’s time to get fitted for your crown of thorns.

Also please note that Mr. DeLay accused Travis County District Attorney Ronnie Earle, the man who oversaw the grand jury that has indicted the Congressman, of being a partisan fanatic, yet Mr. Brooks tries to excuse Mr. DeLay’s behavior because he’s a partisan fanatic. It’s another case of IOKIYAR… It’s Okay If You’re A Republican.