Thursday, September 1, 2005

For Once…

It’s a miracle! Cal Thomas gets it right.

Word of Pat Robertson’s outrageous remarks recommending the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has reached this small seacoast town. A local man asked me what I thought of his comments. “Not much,” I replied with some embarrassment. I’m sure the non-Christian world is having a fine time ridiculing this latest example of un-Christ-like behavior.

Robertson has made other remarks over the years about all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the gospel in which he says he believes. He is not alone. On the right and on the left, ordained and self-proclaimed “reverends” and honorary “doctors” appear to spend more time trying to reform a fallen and decaying world through politics and earthly power than they do promoting and proclaiming the ultimate answer to that fallenness.

While these apostles of political parties and personal agendas have every right to make fools of themselves, they are enabled in their foolishness by millions of people who blindly send them money. Those who send money are looking in the wrong place for their deliverance. While paying lip service to eternity, they seem to prefer immediate political gratification.


These virtues are virtually absent among the “resounding gongs and clanging cymbals” one sees on TV.

If people who bear the label “Christian” want to reduce these embarrassments, which interfere with the proclamation and the hearing of “true religion,” they should refrain from sending money to TV preachers and contribute more to their local church.

Robertson eventually apologized for his remarks about assassinating Chávez. His penance should be to retire and to take his bombastic conservative and liberal colleagues with him.

You know that Mr. Robertson has really gone off the tracks when you get a hard-core Jesus-freak like Cal Thomas to agree with a liberal Quaker like me.