Thursday, September 8, 2005

No Wonder Paul Hackett Lost

Via TPM from the Cincinnati Enquirer:

Democrats attacked Republican mayoral candidate Charlie Winburn’s views on religion in politics Wednesday, saying his 1989 statement that only “born-again believers” should hold public office is “distinctly un-American.”

“Politics is dirty because the true believers are not really involved in it,” Winburn wrote in his 1989 book, “Ruling and Reigning in the ’90s.” “We Christians must clean up politics. It is our job to elect only born-again believers to public office. If office holders aren’t Christian and refuse to obey the laws of God, we must work hard, under the law, to unseat them.”

That, Hamilton County Democratic Party Chairman Timothy M. Burke said, is “an outrageous position.”

“It is distinctly un-American to tell anyone they cannot hold public office because of their religious beliefs,” he said.

Winburn said he has supported candidates of varied faiths over his last 12 years in politics, and said Democrats were the ones injecting religion into the mayor’s race.


Burke also said Winburn’s statements on women in the same book – that a woman “must be taught what her boundaries are and how to be a ‘helpmate’ to her husband” – were “extremist.”

Winburn said Burke’s quotation was selective, and omits statements in the same passage that a loving husband must “lay down any selfishness, dominance or machoism” and cherish and nourish his wife.

“I believe that every bit as much today as I did when I wrote it,” Winburn said.

My sister lives in Cincinnati. I wonder how she’d look in a burka.

If you think this guy sounds like a far-right-wing Christianist whacko (well, yeah, he does), look who he has endorsing him. Hard to tell who’s sucking up more: Giuliani, who’s the pro-choice, pro-gay rights, “moderate” presidential hopeful, or Winburn, who’s accepting the endorsement of the queer-loving baby-killer adulterer.