Saturday, September 3, 2005

Random Notes

  • Good News: I got my cable back after 8.5 days. Bad News: Still the same old crap on it.
  • I got a phish e-mail allegedly from PayPal telling me to go to a certain website to verify my personal information to prevent internet fraud. That’s chutzpah.

    By the way, if you get one of those addressed to “Dear PayPal Customer…” just forward it to and they will verify that it is garbage. Then delete it. Real PayPal e-mail will address you by the name on the account, not the generic “Customer.” Hey, anything to help keep the internets crime-free…

  • Highest price I saw for gas on my errands today here in Miami for self-serve regular: $3.099. Lowest: $2.899. My usual station: $2.979.
  • It’s amazing how much Spanish I remembered when I was negotiating with Sr. Perez, my neighbor’s landscaper who doesn’t speak English, about removing the dead tipped-over tree in the backyard. We worked out a good deal ($150) and I learned the Spanish word for chainsaw. It’s “jenzau.” Muchas gracias. Oh, and I taught him a few words in New Mexico Spanglish, like “Ten cuidado con los roof tiles. Creo que somos loose.” He got the pelicula, I think.