Friday, September 30, 2005

Seeing Is Believing

Leonard Pitts, Jr. in the Miami Herald on faith and science:

I would argue that faith and science are in some ways more complementary than contradictory. But it’s telling that where they do conflict, as in the question of human origin, it’s always people of faith who beg for validation. I mean, when has any scientist ever sued for equal time in the pulpit? There is an unbecoming neediness about these constant schemes to dress religion up as science. Why are some people of faith so desperate for approval from a discipline they reject?

It suggests an insecurity that belies the bellicose battle cry of Bible literalists: “God said it. I believe it. That settles it.” Or in the words of a church sign as related to me last week by a minister in Maine: Reason is the enemy of faith.

That’s a sad, troubling and even pathetic mind-set.

We inhabit a universe vaster than human comprehension, older than human wanderings, more wondrous than human conception. And in the face of that, we do the natural thing. We ask questions and seek answers.

That’s not a denial of God. It is evidence of Him.