Thursday, September 22, 2005

That’s Not Going To Solve the Problem

From the New York Times:

Homosexuals, even those who are celibate, will be barred from becoming Roman Catholic priests, a church official said Wednesday, under stricter rules soon to be released on one of the most sensitive issues facing the church.


The church official said the ban would pertain only to candidates for the priesthood, not to those already ordained. He also said the document did not represent any theological shift for the church, whose catechism considers homosexuality “objectively disordered.”

Not that it would do any good to explain it to the Vatican since they’re probably well aware of it, but just because you’re gay doesn’t make you a pedophile. Repression and denial of your natural instincts causes more harm to normal sexual maturity than some imagined “disorder.”

I have never understood the Roman Catholic church’s obsession with sex. It seems like everything turns on it, from the Immaculate Conception to the adoration of the Virgin to celibate priests and this whole riff on homosexuals. (By the way, notice the caveat; they won’t defrock gays that are already ordained. It’s like the Vatican has become a members-only gay bar.) They have taken one of the most natural and amazing human processes and turned it into some kind of control mechanism, reinforced by guilt, shame, and threats of doom for disobedience. That’s not devotion, that’s fascism.

I know there are a lot of Catholics — gay and straight — who disagree with the Vatican’s teachings. They say it is more important to work within the church to change it than to abandon something that is, rightly so, an important part of their lives. I can only wonder where they get their strength to carry on such a battle against a tyranny that has shown nothing but contempt for their ideas and now rejects them purely on the way that they were made — in their teachings — in the image of God.