Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Tropical Storm Rita – Battle of the Bands

It was pretty quiet through the night. We had our first intense rainband last evening around 7:00, then it moved off quickly. This morning we had another band come ashore; my neighbor’s windchimes woke me up. The radar image tells the story:

This is going to be the story here in Miami-Dade County; the heavier parts of the storm will hit the Keys.

It still hasn’t reached hurricane strength, but with heavy rains and wind, it doesn’t matter what Rita is; it could still do a number on Key West, which highest point of land is 16 feet above sea level. At this point the storm is expected to pass south of Key West, head into the Gulf of Mexico, and turn into a Category 1 hurricane as it heads west. The five-day track has it heading for the Texas coast:

I know Steve Bates, the Yellow Doggerel Democrat, is hunkering down in Houston; I hope it misses him.

Florida Power and Light is reporting sporadic outages but nothing of the scale of Katrina back in August; let’s hope it stays that way.

Meanwhile, it’s time for some coffee.