Saturday, October 29, 2005

After Wilma

It’s been six days since Hurricane Wilma passed by and things are getting back to normal for a lot of us here in South Florida. While some are still without power, including MKH at Hidden City, FPL is reporting that more and more people are coming back on line. I’m happy to report that Bob and the Old Professor got their lights back last night and up in Broward County Beantown Girl got hers back on Thursday.

Coral Gables has done a great job of getting things in order. They’ve sent out crews to pick up tree debris and even gotten street-sweepers into the action. Stop lights are working again although some are still skewed or have broken bulbs, and cable TV is working in fits and starts; mine came on just in time to watch the Special Counsel’s press conference regarding the indictment of Scooter Libby on Friday afternoon and stuck around long enough to let me see Real Time with Bill Maher. The stores are getting restocked, although the local Publix is still out of fresh produce and frozen food. Life’s rough without roughage.

I had hoped that Wilma would be the last hurricane to get any attention, but with a little more than four weeks to go in the official hurricane season, we are still on the lookout, and Central America is now taking the brunt of Hurricane Beta. Enough already; I really would like this to be my last hurricane-related post for the next six months, but I doubt it.