Monday, October 10, 2005

At Last

The CBC has resolved its labor (excuse me, labour) dispute with their talent guild and will resume normal broadcasting “as soon as possible.” Word has it that regular broadcasting on CBC Radio Two — my background for the office — will be back on the air tomorrow at some point. And I’m sure Michael at Musing’s musings will be delighted to have both his beloved hockey and the play-by-play announcers back in their usual places.

The lock-out began in August. The TV network aired re-runs and the radio network that I listened to played music 24 hours a day, interrupted on the hour by news read by management. After a while they ran through their limited selection of canned music and it began to be repetitive, so by the middle of September I switched around to other choices for music — Colorado Public Radio, Interlochen Public Radio from Michigan, and the new HD radio stream from WLRN here in Miami. Each has its own appeal, but they have their own quirks, too; Colorado Public Radio is two hours behind, so their timechecks can be a little disorienting. Interlochen holds fond memories of living in Michigan and hearing the soothing voice of the late Edward Catton on the air on Saturday mornings, but their feed times out after two hours, and it usually happens in the middle of a piece. WLRN is the house organ for where I work, but the music is streamed from a satellite source and there’s no local news or flavor.

CBC Radio Two isn’t just classical music; they have a wide variety of sounds from early music to jazz, and the DJ’s are the ones making the selections. Besides, their news tends to cover more global stories; stories you might not hear about if you listen to just the US media. It will be nice to have them back.