Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hurricane Wilma Update

The worst part is the waiting. The TV stations have gone into all-Wilma all-the-time mode. Authorities ordered a mandatory evacuation of the Keys effective noon today, but no advisories, watches, or warnings have been issued as of yet.

Here’s the current 5-day tracking map, and by clicking on the link you can keep up with the most recent maps.

Events have been cancelled or postponed; the University of Miami – Georgia Tech football game has been postponed, and the Miami Dolphins played their Sunday game against Kansas City last night; maybe they should have waited. And in what can only be considered either serendipity or bad luck depending on your point of view, WLRN, the local public radio station, has chosen this week to have their fall fund-raiser. They’re either going to get a lot of new listeners hungry for hurricane news, or a lot of people pissed off at having to put up with the begathon. It never rains…