Sunday, October 23, 2005

Prepped and Ready

Here’s the latest tracking map of Wilma (link updates automatically with every new map). All of South Florida is under a hurricane warning, and the cone of probablility is moving a little north of Miami-Dade County, but we’re still going to get high winds and rain. The strike probability says that Miami has a 30% chance of being within 65 nautical miles of the center of the hurricane. It’s expected to make landfall around sunrise on Monday as a Category 2 or 1 on the southwest coast near the Naples area; about the same place that got hit by Hurricane Charley last year.

I have a good stock of food and water — the same that I had for Katrina and Rita, and I didn’t need it then — and the flashlight and radio are in working order. I don’t have shutters; my landlord doesn’t provide them, and I’ve made it through the last eight storms, including Katrina, withouth them. The Pontiac is in the garage, and the Mustang is parked in a fairly protected area; the same place it was during the last storms when the winds were a lot higher than what we’re expecting. I did my weekly shopping — the store opened early today — and picked up my usual supplies. I debated about getting my usual stock of frozen foods (Lean Cuisine for lunch at work, etc.) and decided to go ahead; if I lose power I’ll still have food, and if I don’t, well, I’m set. The lawn furniture is stacked against the wall and the new back door seals tight.

My only nagging fear is that there will be so much hurricane coverage on TV tonight that they’ll pre-empt The West Wing.